Dear Cool Moms, I seem to remember you once wrote about donating used Halloween candy. I was hoping to get it out of the house a little earlier this year for a change! -Amanda R


Hey Amanda. We feel you. Really we do. Especially now that Kristen has four kids at home bringing home pillowcases full of Milky Ways and Smarties. I tell my own girls that they can pick a certain number of pieces to keep and the rest they donate to people who don’t get any treats at all, and they love that idea.

(Of course some of those treats do get donated to Daddy. Ahem.)

Here’s a great list of places that accept Halloween candy donations, from military support groups, to charities that feed folks who are homebound, to your local church or synagogue.

At the top of the list: Operation Gratitude is always a favorite with moms, but if you donate to them this year, consider also including personal letters for the troops, a Beanie Baby or two, and a check to help them cover postage. According to their site, those are the things they’d really like the Great Pumpkin to leave them in the pumpkin patch this year.

Happy donating!

[photo: matt blank]


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