Gunmetal and leather Floating Cube Wrap from Yara Jewelry
So, I’ve got a few very stylish friends who I like to use –unbeknownst to them– as my personal fashion litmus tests. If they admire a new article of clothing or a new accessory that I’m wearing without me asking them about it, then I know it’s a keeper.

So I decided to test some of the beyond gorgeous pieces of Yara Jewelry on my pals and, without fail, they passed with flying colours. 

Designed by Paula Lapkin –obviously a very cool mom, herself–
and made in the USA, this jewelry line is created from leather and
imported Greek beads and is comprised of many go-anywhere pieces. Which
is what I find I need in these stay-at-home mom days.

yara jewelry cuff bracelet
The Floating Cube Wrap
(above) was a particular favorite, garnering the most attention from my cool
friends and strangers alike. And no wonder. It absolutely glistens. It’s
also a perfect representation of the versatility of the entire line –
it can be wrapped up to three times around your neck, or even more times
around your wrist. And it looks like a brand new piece every way you
wear it. I love it deeply. I really do.

The One-Sixty Cuff
(right) is another gorgeous piece which somehow manages to be both bold and
delicate at the same time. Find it in 8 different color combinations.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
The jewelry makes a
t-shirt and jeans feel presentable, yet can transition easily to the
office or –sadly, very rare in my case–night on the town. Pieces
can even be layered to add to the look – particularly handy, say, if
you’re like me and forget to take one off before putting another one on.

I could go on and on. I really do love the glamour of this line.
And, you know, it’s so nice to get to try out accessories when I’m pregnant.
They’re pretty much the only things that still fit. –Stephanie

Find beautiful handmade jewelry to add to your holiday wish list from Yara Jewelry.


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