Modern baby mobiles made of cut paper
We went crazy for the hand-sewn, graphic cut-paper mobiles by Frazier+Wing earlier this year, and it’s not hard to see why.

Now Heather Frazier, the artist behind the art, has just upped the ante on the crazy-for-it-o-meter with a very cool new collaboration.

Frazier+Wing has teamed up with Dwell Studio–the same design company behind the charmingly modern baby layette goodies at Target–to make awe-inspiring mobiles and garlands in Dwell’s own signature patterns: pretty birds, trains and cars, big round dots, and fluttery flowers.

on strong, clear thread and made with die-cut cardstock, the colorful
mobiles hang from a thing acrylic disc so that they waft gently,
perfectly, and–if you’re a baby–hynotizingly. Awesome. 

Also? No assembly required. Just take it out of the package and hang it up.

These are bona fide art pieces that you’ll
hang onto long after your baby has moved onto other decor. You know, like piles of laundry. Which may be
colorful, but aren’t nearly as inspiring. -Lexi

Nab a Frazier+Wing mobile in any of four patterns, or a garland in one of two at Dwell Studio.

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