Bel Kai Doily Necklace
My oldest daughter is on the cusp of tweendom, and I finally trust her with a piece of jewelry that costs more than a pack of silly-band bracelets. While I don’t want to spend a fortune, I think she can handle something a little nicer than what I can grab at the mall accessories store.

To make this gift even more special and unique to her, I love initial necklaces which hint at her beautiful first name but don’t spell it out as she goes out into the world on her own. So I’m detailing three here, which I’m having trouble choosing among.

Just hurry! Some of them have to be ordered ASAP if you’re hoping for a Christmas delivery. –Christina

Bel Kai Designs’ lovely Doily Necklace (at top) has a vintage-inspired doily pattern under a bit of shiny resin. My
daughter would agree that the flower-shaped pattern is just girly enough
for her while the green hues are more sophisticated than little-girl
pink. And while I don’t love sterling silver bead chains for my own
jewelry, I think it looks casually perfect around younger necks. (last day for U.S. orders is December 10)

Julia Failey Necklaces

For the little eco nature lover, Julia Failey’s personalized necklaces
of reclaimed silver or gold vermeil come in the shape of an owl, bumble
bee or, my favorite, the butterfly. They look complete as is, though
the addition of the hand-stamped initial on the front really makes this
“her” piece. Splurge for the additional gemstone if she’s careful with
jewelry: It does add a nice bit of color to the otherwise monochromatic
piece. (U.S. orders by December 15 for Christmas)

Three Sisters Pretty Little Necklace

My tween is way too young to have decided if she’s a “silver” or a “gold” girl, so the aptly named Pretty Little Necklace from Three Sisters is a great compromise. I love how the silver stamped disc contrasts against the gold vermeil, in either traditional 24k or pinky-rose. And the tiny sparkling gemstone is a nice touch against the metal disc. (Hurry! U.S. Christmas delivery deadline is today, December 8)

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