minted skinny labels
If I’ve learned one thing after years of sending holiday cards, it’s buy the darn address labels. Not that the free ones you get from various charities can’t be lovely at times. But if you ever have the choice between hand addressing envelopes and sticking a label on them? I think the choice is clear.

I was just browsing over at Minted
and found these super smart skinny labels.

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The labels basically wrap around
the side of the envelope, putting your return address on the front and a
message of your choosing on the back. Also, they come in about a
zillion color combos with your choice of fonts so you can get as modern
or as scripty curlie cue as you want.

Oh, one more hint for holiday card sending? Take a lesson from George Costanza’s fiance: don’t lick the envelopes. –Liz

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