Partridges, French hens, the splattered eggs of a dozen overactive geese. Forget ’em. If you want to say “I love you” with birds, go for the artistic, lasting beauty of paper lovebirds, another gift that gives back.

Whether you’d like a whole flock in mobile form or individual ornaments in sets of three, you’re sure to win anyone over with the pretty PEACE birds available at Hazel Wood Children that perpetuate the ideals of hope, opportunity, and freedom

Not only are these PEACE birds 
gorgeous, but each one is handmade of recycled materials by PEACE, a
grassroots cooperative of women from semi-rural, economically
disadvantaged areas in Mexico. Proceeds help to lift these women and
their families from poverty to prosperity, giving them their own wings
to fly.

The bird mobile,
which requires some light assembly, includes six handcrafted birds and
would look great in a cheery nursery, or maybe by a kitchen window. The ornament set
includes three birds on strings, which can go beyond Christmas to grace
gifts, windowsills, or even hang separately from pushpins in the

Take it from someone who still has the origami cranes
from her 4 year old’s first birthday hanging in the kitchen: paper birds
make every day brighter. Plus they don’t
squawk. Or poop.~Delilah

Purchase the PEACE Birds Mobile or 3 bird ornament set at Hazel Wood Children.


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