starfall snowman
Some of the fun stuff happening on our sister site, Cool Mom Tech this week

This week is your final chance to enter to win one of 2 $500 gift cards to Best Buy. Good luck!

We found a cute app to help your kids make snowmen indoors–great if you’ve got too much snow outdoors. Or none at all!

What do you do with your old cell phones? Here’s one great idea.

Gorgeous new cases for iPhones and iPads (should Santa have brought you some techy goodness for the holidays).

Looking for a new tablet? How about this tablet that converts to a netbook. (And psst, we’re giving one away to a CMT subscriber.)

A service to help make home printing greener and cheaper.

Amazon may have just come up with the smartest way to deal with bad gifts ever…or the most obnoxious thing in the world.

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