If you were following the Cool Mom Picks Twitter stream this past week, you might have caught some of the wit and wisdom we were reaping from the Altitude Design Summit, an amazingly inspirational weekend with more than 300 bloggers and small biz owners in the worlds of design, photography, crafting, printing, party planning and more.

While I could pretty much gush all day long about the incredible women (and a few men) that I met, instead, I thought I’d point you to a few new favorite websites and blogs that you’ll want to add to your feed reader, stat. I’m limiting this to sites that have yet to grace Cool Mom Picks. Otherwise, sheesh, I’d go on forever. –Liz

[photo: the girls with glasses show, kate spade ny, angela + ithyle photography]

Creative Thursday
Boy howdy, I love this woman and her many artistic endeavors. Marisa’s work is amazing (you may recognize her artwork from her Etsy shop and beyond) and her blog will just make you feel happy.

Design for Mankind
Erin Loechner is one of those kind, funny, spiritually generous women who makes everyone around her smile, and it shows on her incredible design blog. I mean, she’s posted about a crocheted piano.

Design Milk
If you’re not yet familiar with this fabulous source of design inspiration, get on it! Jaime Derringer’s blog is clean and beautiful and deliciously aspirational. A girl can dream, right?

Design Blahg
A snarky, NSFW design blog? Totally. I swear, I don’t just like Erica because she’s from Brooklyn. I like her because she’s funny. And she’s from Brooklyn.

loving. living. small.
Rebecca posts about all kinds of nifty inspiration for people living in small spaces (ahemnewyorkcityapartment) so of course I’m drawn to that. Also, turns out we used to work together. Small spaces, small world.

alt summit business cards

Beautiful business cards!

Modern Kiddo
Alix and Dottie work for the man by day, but by night (and lunch hour, presumably) put together this adorable blog to showcase vintage-inspired finds for kids.

Old Sweet Song
Luxury! Taste! Humor! Okay, so that’s Barney’s line, but Old Sweet Song fits the bill too when you add in an affinity for nostalgia. Lots of eye candy here.

Raising Foodies / Simple Lovely
Raising Foodies is a beautiful combo of personal journal, design inspiration and food blog, created by mom Joslyn Taylor. Simple Lovely is her design blog…and it’s just that.

I can only call it interior design porn. Read it and weep that your budget (and your home) isn’t bigger.

Simple Song / Hip Hip Hooray!
The clean, cheery design blog Simple Song is helmed by a high-end letterpress stationer with a great eye. Hip Hip Hooray is her newest site focusing just on gorgeous children’s goodies. Expect more shout-outs in the very near future.

Simply Grove
Kirsten Grove’s taste is exquisite (and her haircut is awesome) and you’ll find coolness for kiddos on this site, since she’s a mom too. In fact, she was a smart voice on a panel about juggling multiple responsibilities. Not that I know about that, ahem.

We are 1976
This Dallas boutique featuring indie designers looks so amazing, I can’t wait for it to get its proverbial tuchus online so we can start window shopping.

What are your favorite design blogs that our readers should know about? I know…so many!

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