I love the romantic idea behind a young couple carving their initials in a tree so that all passersby and woodland creatures will bear witness to their devotion for years to come. But in reality, I’m way too much of a softie to carve anything into a perfectly healthy tree–what if I hurt the tree?!

Besides, I frown upon public vandalism.

So instead of going after a mighty oak with a pocket knife, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items that capture the spirit of “C+J” in bark, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Lisa Leonard’s Sweetheart Tree Necklace (at top) makes me smile with its quite literal representation of initials carved into a tree stump. A bit whimsical, this isn’t a piece to wear to a fancy event, but how many of those do I ever attend? Hand cast in sterling, I love the contrast between the delicate chain and the bold charm.

Tree pillow

I’d have a hard time huffing off to bed angry with one of Cozy Blue’s Tree Print Pillows sitting on my bed, reminding me of that nice guy I married. The hand-stitched lettering inside the red embroidered heart doesn’t look too perfect and really pops against the brown line drawing. Should I find myself hugging the pillow, and drooling on it, in my sleep, I can just remove the cover and gently wash it clean. Though I suppose we should be hugging it together, don’t you think?

Red Envelope heart necklace

How pretty is this modern interpretation of the tree-carved heart? Found at Red Envelope, the little round piece of oak has the neatest graining in it and would make a versatile, lightweight piece I’d wear everywhere, something I think my husband should know. (ahem) With room for two letters and a “+” sign, make sure you get it engraved to really make it all your own.

Heart carved in tree mugs

Want something the two of you can share? I’d clink morning coffee mugs with my beloved with one of Jessica Rust Designs Personalized Birch Mugs. I appreciate that the set includes four mugs so I wouldn’t take my inevitable breaking of a mug as a sign of impending trouble. Each mug has a slightly different illustration of a Minnesotan birch tree, representing the four seasons, though shouldn’t the winter tree just be covered in snow? (heh)

Love one of the pieces above? Hurry! Valentine’s Day is just around the bend and personalization will take a little extra time on each piece.

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