we love finding cool things for the cool boys of the world, this week,
we want to hear it for the girls– little girls, big girls, and uh…
“the girls.”

1. Who needs expensive hair clips when you can make them yourself? This free, easy Valentine’s tutorial will yield heaps of happy handmade hearts for her hair.

2. We’ve found the holy green grail of breast pumps. Finally, an environmentally conscious choice that you can legally lend or resell!

3. The prettiest, fanciest, twirliest, sparkliest, most princesstastic girls’ dress up clothes we’ve ever seen can be found here. But you’re going to need either a fat wallet or a magic wand.

4. Glamourmom nursing tanks at a deep discount
means you can take up to 70% off while revealing
less than 25% of what you’ve got while you nurse. That makes 100% sense
to us.

5. In time for Valentine’s Day awesome jewelry and personalized gifts that offer alternatives to the ethically dubious tradition of carving initials into a perfectly healthy oxygen machine.

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