Silver and gold are great, but do you have the stones to branch out into a ring made of something entirely new? I do. I mean, I wood.

And, to take the wood-and-stone thing one step further, I am totally pining for this ring.

Whether you were lucky enough to get jewelry for Valentine’s Day or you’re still putting his socks in the freezer as punishment for forgetting, this amazing piece of jewelry can make it all better. Even if you have to buy it for yourself.

I’m really digging the unusual look of this three-stone wood ring by Fotini Designs.
The stones are, in fact, white topaz. And the smooth, black wood comes
from fast-growing Indonesian Sono trees and is therefore environmentally
friendly. Plus 10% of the proceeds go to, a charity dedicated
to fighting violence against women around the world. Not surprisingly, the designer is
a mom herself.

Unusual. Beautiful. Sparkly. Smooth. Environmentally
conscious and charity-minded. Be-leaf me when I say I wood like that
very much. Okay, you can stop groaning now. ~Delilah

Find this gorgeous wood ring at Fotini Designs. They have other designs in wood with different shapes and stones, too, if you’re into that. And if you’re in Atlanta, you can try one on at The Beehive Co-op.


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