you want your tech to be silent, but sometimes, the sound effects are
the best part. ZAM! Here are the latest, greatest, just-in-case-you-might-have-missed it picks, fresh
from Cool Mom Tech to you. We hope it brings you the sound of giggles,
followed by sighs of happiness.

1. Ka-pow! It’s an e-reader smackdown, where digital devices go head to head, battling it out for your books.

2. Awwww! Valentine’s Day may be over for another year, but this round-up of our favorite romantic movies will love you long time.

3. Hello? Skype 5.0 for Mac is fresh out of beta and ready for chatting.

4. Whoa! A $500 Visa Gift Card giveaway and some great news about Posterous? Yes indeed. Be sure to enter before the 23rd!

5. Cccchhh…Roger that. Our guest blogging dad calls this gadget “the most underrated parenting tool ever.” So what’s your call sign?


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