to the Industrial Revolution, you no longer have to spend six months
making a shirt that your husband is just going to ruin while butchering a
hog. Joy! Unfortunately, it also means that life is less personalized, a
point made especially poignant when four boys are all wearing the same
Target dinosaur t-shirt on the playground.

This week, we had five great picks that are all about making things more personal in an impersonal world. Let’s put the custom back in customer, shall we?

1. If you’ve been praying for personalized galoshes– and who hasn’t?– you’re going to get a kick out of these these wonderful wellies.

2. In a world of digital books there’s just something special
about owning actual books you love enough to put your personal stamp on with these gorgeous personalized bookplates.

3. Forget the Columbia Record Club; you won’t believe what this highly personalized new online service wants to send you every month. Hint: Carrie Bradshaw would freak.

4. Personally, we love mixing half coffee, half Crio Bru, aka The Drink of the Gods, for the perfect morning pick-me-up. Find out why our readers are going nuts for it.

5. Want to keep that little man of yours sporting his own personal style? We found an adorable line of boys clothes that fits the bill to a tee.

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