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Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. I hope you will too.

Have you seen our new 2011 Baby Shower Gift Guide, yet? Enjoy!

Also see Kristen’s take on 3 baby shower gifts she couldn’t live without.

The 50 books every child should read.

With the new AAP recommendations on car seat safety,  we found a passionate discussion about rear-facing child seats at Baby Bunching.

Also, Britax is offering a free webinar on car seat safety on April 14 to help new mamas with the first car ride home. Sign up through the link.

Etsy + NASA space crafts winners – out of this world. Ha.

Girl Scouts help Japan in a rather circuitous way.

On Parents, editor Judy Goldberg takes on parents who use leashes.

Mad Men production on hiatus? Oh no!

A lovely tribute to Elizabeth Taylor at Modern Kiddo

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