Hospital gowns and robes by dearjohnnies
I’m getting closer and closer to the pregnancy finish line and as I do, I’m starting to mentally pack my hospital bag. I remember from last time that I basically lived in a bathrobe and hospital gown for the duration of my stay. The thought of lounging around Hugh Hefner-style sounds appealing, if only it weren’t for those drab and dowdy (not to mention used) hospital gowns.

This is where dearjohnnies comes in. We’ve praised the collection of designer hospital gowns when we first discovered them, and are excited to share that they have launched some lovely new prints along with some cozy-chic bathrobes.

The hospital robes are
100% white cotton flannel and come in array of beautiful prints, many
to match the dearjohnnies gowns. They both come in
matching reusable bags, perfect for storing your undies or electronics during your stay. Everything can be monogrammed, making them perfect
shower gifts. After all, who doesn’t want to be photographed looking amazing in those 8 million hospital photos?

If it’s the gown you’re after, check out the new Libby (pictured) and Lily, designer looking duds with sleeves that snap down for breastfeeding or medical access.

nothing can erase the pain of labor (no, not even those cheesy mantras
they give you in Lamaze class), it’s hard not to imagine the pretty
patterns on the gowns and robes won’t at least lift your spirits. –Melissa

Find designer hospital gowns and robes online at dearjohnnies where there’s always an automatic 15% discount when you buy 2 or more items, or a set.

Also see them in our baby shower gift guide, where you’ll find tons of cool gifts for mamas-to-be.

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