Scabs bandages
Is there anything as sweet as comforting your kid after a scrape with a smooch, a kind word, and… bandages with pictures of bloody eyeballs, dismembered fingers, and centipedes crawling out of skin?

CMP covered the original Scabs Bandages
a few years ago, and now they’ve got fancy new packaging and five new designs, including darker bandages to match darker skin tones. Dare I say they’re
even more disgusting now? In fact, the one with maggots, spiders, and
peeled-back skin actually made me feel erp. (Because I’d spent the morning in urgent care and was more squeamish as a result, not because I’m a wuss. Ahem.)

daughter and husband raided the tin and put the bandages on every which
way, laughing with grossed-out delight. It’s not like I’m eager for a boo-boo to
happen, but now I know the next scrape will be pretty easy to help my kids
deal with–because there’s no way what’s under the bandage can be as gross as what’s on top of it. -Lexi

The new Scabs Bandages designs are absolutely, awesomely disgusting.

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