I used to be into understated beauty. Then I had kids. Now I have to shout just to be noticed, so not surprisingly, I favor bright skirts, dangly earrings, and statement shoes.

Oh, and big fat rings that keep people from noticing my unpainted nails. That’s where this shiny treasure comes in.

The crystal and eco-friendly Sono wood Treteaux ring
from Objets D’Envy melds tough and feminine together into a highly
wearable, everyday ring that really packs a punch. And I mean that
literally. It would be so cute with
a sundress, or even just a tank and jeans.  They liken it to a modern day version of brass knuckles, and
that makes me love it even more; even if I’m punching down laundry
instead of getting into bar fights.~Delilah

Find the Treteaux Ring at Objets D’Envy. Especially if you’ve got a girlfriend with a birthday coming up, HINT HINT.

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