number one? In our humble opinion, you are. Two can be a crowd, if
those two are siblings, and they’re fighting over the last yogurt pop.
Three is for bears, Musketeers, and Billy Goats Gruff. Four– or,
really, fore– is what dad might be saying today on Father’s Day. And
five is for these choice picks from the last week. But who’s counting?

1. Dr. Harvey Karp shared his favorite app with us. Can it help you have the #1 Appiest Baby on the Block?

2. Just the fax, ma’am. And the fact is that this amazing new service can give you the freedom to pull an Office Space-style baseball bat on your fax machine.

4. Looking for something fun to do with your Instagram pics? We love this free craft tutorial to make any number of mini magnets!

5. We checked out the brand new Nook, which hit shelves just last week. Find out why the latest e-reader might just be The One for you.

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