Rent a designer maternity dress at Mine for Nine

When I was six months pregnant with my second baby, the company I worked for was putting on a big, fancy shindig. Said shindig required me to go on a stage and speak in front of 800 people. I started to stress–mostly about what to wear. I wanted a stylish, non-mall-bought maternity dress–but I didn’t want to spend tons of cash on a frock I wouldn’t be able to wear ever again, no matter how designer it was.

Mine for Nine, where were you 18 months ago?

The site is a treasure trove of maternity
dresses that would normally cost hundreds at the store. But instead of
spending lots of cash on an evening gown that you won’t fit into in a
month or two, you pay just a fraction to rent the dress for a few weeks.
Take this Maternal Americ dress: $245 to buy, but just $61 to borrow. Or this More of Me dress, which is $150 to buy but $38 to borrow.
Cute! And clean: every garment is new or “like new,” professionally cleaned and inspected before it ships out.
the site grows, I hope it’ll feature more selection in things like
office wear–and wouldn’t it be great if it had designer jeans, too? Still, it’s an awesome, perfectly-priced first stop if you’re pregnant and
in need of a fab special-occasion dress. -Lexi

Why buy when you can rent pretty maternity dresses from Mine for Nine?

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