dara ettinger jewelry
I’m a big ring kind of a gal–the bigger the better. And I don’t think I’ve gotten as many compliments on any one as I have on a recent ring purchase from designer Dara Ettinger.

Dara opened a new boutique in Brooklyn this year, and on my first
visit, a rough-hewn, sparkly gray geode in a fluid gold-plated casing
called my name. Okay, it also opened my wallet, handed the sales girl my
credit card. (It was a very aggressive ring!) I’ve hardly taken it off

If you’re not in Brooklyn, you can find similar pieces of hers online if you do a bit of searching. I love the citrine cluster ring at Max & Chloe, which is similar to mine in sensibility, if not shape and color. The agate geode ring
at National Jeans Co. also pretty darn cool. Or if you like your stones a
little more polished, you can find a small but pretty selection at Charm & Chain including these gorgeous little round stud earrings made of drury quartz.

Of course all the natural stones she works with are one-of-a-kind, so don’t expect the
same exact ring as the one you see on the websites. In fact, you might
call and ask if it’s possible to see a picture of the one you’re
ordering. Or get in touch with her through the Dara Ettinger Etsy Shop page and look at her sold items for inspiration.

You do want the one that calls to you, after all. Just keep a tight reign on that Amex. Trust me, those rings can be very convincing. –Liz

Learn more about Dara Ettinger jewelry on the Dara Ettinger Design Studio Facebook page or find her rings at shops like Charm & Chain, National Jeans Co and Max & Chloe. There are no items in stock at the Dara Ettinger Etsy Shop but it seems custom orders are still being accepted.

You can also visit her Brooklyn studio and boutique at 214 Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights.

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