Phil and Ted's Nest travel bassinet
The first time you travel with a baby in tow is shocking, to say the least. If you thought you were an over-packer before, suddenly you feel like you might need to rent a moving truck just to get your things to the cottage.

Each precious piece of gear seems more important than the next because, frankly, how is baby going to make it through the weekend without his beloved [insert one of hundreds of important baby items here]?

 Phil & Ted to the rescue.

The Phil & Ted’s Nest
is a brilliant travel bassinet, designed to hold babies up to about 9
months. It folds flat, pops open really easily and even has a little
zip-up bug and sun screen if baby is an outdoor napper. Great, right?

But it’s even better–The Nest also functions as a very
roomy suitcase and holds all of baby’s clothes, toys, diapers and more.
It’s even designed to be stow-able in overhead luggage compartments.

This is one of those baby products that has really, really
impressed me. I love that it serves multiple purposes, I love that Phil
& Ted’s has thought of every last detail (including a zipper that
can be locked) and, I’ll admit it, I love that it means I can bring a
few extra things for mama with all the room we now have in the car. –Stephanie P.

Simplify your next family trip with Phil & Ted’s Nest travel bassinet, available at Phil & Ted’s.

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