My collection of reusable grocery bags is a ragtag group of ne’er-do-wells. There are the boring but cheap bags, the political ones we got free at the parade, the glittery Halloween one, and the very confused grocery bag featuring a pig smiling from a sandwich.

But then this adorable reusable tote from one of our favorite baby brands had to show up and throw them all into the depths of self-loathing.

It’s the new Faraway Fold Out Tote
by Petunia Pickle Bottom, and each of their five patterns (including my
favorite, Frolicking in Fez) is so gorgeous, you’ll wish you had a full set of luggage to match it. (Yes, to match my grocery tote. It’s that cute.)
But the really special thing is the functionality.

First, the Faraway Fold Out Tote tucks
all into itself and zips shut in a perfect little taco shape with a
wrist strap. You’d never even know it could hold a dozen eggs or a few bottles of wine.

And though she be pretty, she is fierce, and by fierce, I mean tough. Unlike those thin nylon bags, the polyester fabric is lightweight
and water-resistant with a comfortable webbed shoulder strap. There’s
also a handy exterior pocket for your keys or phone.

All of this makes it easier to justify the $44 price
tag. But know it might cost you a little more, since all your old bags will
probably try to feed themselves into the paper shredder in self-defeat,
and you’ll have to buy some more.~Delilah

Find the new Faraway Fold Out Tote at Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

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