goodbye, steve
Here are five picks you might have missed this
week from our sister site Cool Mom Tech. We hope you enjoy them.

1. As the world bids farewell to
Steve Jobs this week, we find ourselves so grateful to his imagination
and audacity, which touched all of our lives. We offer our
thoughts on Steve Jobs
here, and bid him goodbye.

In a sadly ironic coincidence, the new iPhone 4S is now on sale.
Here’s why we think parents will be particularly interested.

If you’re not in Camp iPhone, we’ve got the scoop on the much buzzed
about new Windows 7.5 Mango Phones.

Turn your house into a maze of cherries and ghosts and 80s fabulousity
with these rad Pac-Man decals.
We just adore this charming iPad
about a normal kid among indie superheroes. It garnered three
thumbs up from our reviewer–not that she’s a mutant.

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