I probably wouldn’t have guessed that of all the great bags out this fall, the Cambridge Satchel would be turning into the It Bag of the season. Especially considering they’re under $200 instead of the usual $2,000.

Searching the Cambridge Satchel website, there are so many wonderful options, from classic schoolgirl/boy looks in brown and black, to the brightly colored bags that are coming to define fashion this season. (Pink satchel, anyone?) Every single one is custom made to order, so go ahead and have it monogrammed. And I love that the company was founded by British mum Julie Deane just a few years ago, as a way to afford a better school for her daughter.

Cambridge Satchel

There’s also a sweet duotone satchel collection including a green and navy number that’s like preppies gone wild. I dig it.

But if you’re really holding out for something It-like? Stay tuned for the metallic Cambridge Satchel co-designed by Comme des Garçon’s Rei Kawakubo that has been in pretty much every single fashion blog this past week. I can only imagine it getting more ink if it had been announced they’d be selling it at Target. –Liz

You can find the Cambridge Satchel from their website. Shipping to the US and Canada is 1 bag £16;  2 (or more) bags £20.

There’s also a limited selection in the US from ASOS, or keep an eye on Barney’s for the upcoming metallic collection.

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