Birthstone charm necklace

My daughter spends a lot of time going through my jewelry box. She has very distinct plans for where she’ll wear each bauble: the grocery store, school, her next playdate.

But she’s four and a half. So my jewelry is a little not-so-practical. But in five to ten years(ish?)–once she’s past the point of wanting to feed shiny things to the goldfish–I’d like to give her a meaningful necklace of her very own. And I think I’ve found the perfect candidate.

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We’ve loved the handcrafted jewelry from Heart
and Stone Jewelry
 for a long time, so we’re not surprised the
company offers the perfect necklace for a girl ready for her first real

This birthstone charm necklace is just the
ticket: beautiful, simple, sweet, made with hand-selected gemstones. Real
ones, like the big girls wear. -Lexi

your girl her own birthstone necklace from Heart
and Stone Jewelry
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