Just Stay Little
Along with the toys, book and clothes, I always like to have one sentimental gift to my kids tucked into their stocking that they know is from me: Their Sappy Mama. For my eight-year-old daughter, I found a sweet little trinket that expresses how much I love this age, when my precocious child is still young enough to play with dolls and crawl into my bed during a storm.

{keep reading for your chance to win a necklace!}

CMP favorite, Bel Kai Designs has a Sarah Jane Studios line that includes ten delicate one-inch charms that make my heart say awwwwww. The Just Stay Little charm especially hits me since I know it’s only a matter of time before my hug-everyone gradeschooler will be moving into moody adolescence.

The charms have a vintage feel created by illustrator Sarah Jane Wrigh whose whimsical style we have loved for ages. Paired with Bel Kai’s antiqued sterling silver-plated disc, this would also make a lovely gift for a grandparent to give to a grandchild as it feels like these pieces come from a previous era.

Each charm and necklace costs more than the throw-away kids’ jewelry you might find in a mall shop, but is still so reasonable I wouldn’t feel like a Harry Winston guard as she moves from playdate to playdate, hugging everyone she sees. Yup, Sappy Mama. –Christina

You’ll find ten different charms in Bel Kai Designs’ Sarah Jane Studios line at Bel Kai Design’s website. The option pearl charm (shown above) is available for an additional charge.

Congratulations to Liz W!  She won a Sarah Jane Studios necklace from Bel Kai Designs. 

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