Angry Birds earbuds!
Gadgets, apps, and gifts galore is what we’re all about. In case you missed them, here are some tech posts from the past week. And if you don’t see what you need, don’t forget about out our ginormous Cool Mom Tech Holiday Gift Guide, with plenty of gifts you can still get in time for Christmas.

1. Geeky cards for that special techie in your life? We’ve got five that are perfect. Even better with a gift card stuck inside. 

2. Gift wrapping goes stylishly multimedia with this sleek black and red Twitter hashtag paper.

3. A little bird told us to get some of these adorable– but functional!– Angry Birds earbuds.

4. Want to make those photos of Christmas morning even more magical? Try this fantastic photo editing app that everyone (including us) is raving about.

5. If you read our Nook tablet vs. Kindle Fire post and chose your poison, you’re going to need a case for your new baby. Whether you pick one of these cool cases for Kindle or one of these cool cases for Nook, you’re going to be a happy literary camper.

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