I’ve used, and subsequently retired, countless chore chart systems for my family, mostly because they end up being just a bit too involved for my busy life. But these simple, printable charts might just be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I figure if mom of four Gennifer Bursett designed these printable chore charts, then they’re worth giving a try with my own foursome. What I love about these in particular, aside from the direct DO YOUR CHORES reminder (which I find myself saying all too often), is that they’re a blank slate, allowing you to add or remove different chores whenever you see fit. My guess is that you’d be most successful printing them out weekly and then adjusting based on how well your kiddos keep up.

You can download the entire set of them each in 11 different colors and 3 designs, for just three bucks. Seems worth it to us.

And you want to customize yours, you could even add your kids’ names to the top. It might not guarantee that they’ll do the chores, but at least they’ll know which chart is theirs to whine about. Hey, it’s a start.

You can download the printable chore charts at Brought To You By the Letter B through her Pixels and Company Etsy shop.