Tape Sculptures
Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

Amazing tape sculptures by street artist Mark Jenkins are way more amazing than what our kids create when they use up all the tape in the house. 

Our readers have the greatest ideas in the second post in our series on Great Productivity Tips for Working Parents.

Have a child who’d rather play with the box than the toy that was inside? We love this cardboard box-themed first birthday party which is anything but drab. And don’t miss the bubble wrap hopscotch game! (via swoon

D.C. families: Don’t miss the chance to see Secret Agent 23 Skidoo perform at the Smithsonian later this month!

Whether or not they like to eat it, our kids sure do love watching the Fresh Guacamole video over and over again.

Need a song for St. Patrick’s Day but a little tired of the jigs? Check out our kids’ music download from last week: Rockin’ Rockin’ Leprechauns.

And these yummy—and healthy—Shamrock Smoothies are the perfect snack for the 17th.

Grab a tissue before you read this bittersweet account of adoption.

Fun weekend activity: Grab some googly eyes and go EyeBombing with the kids. 

Kristen wants to know if your Easter Bunny hides the Easter baskets or hide the eggs? Or, does he go all out and hide everything?


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