I remember when I first linked to the amazing cartoonish-looking handbags from Taiwan’s Jump for Paper, I spent a lot of minutes trying to convince my brain that these were indeed handbags and not flat pictures. 

Created by designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, JumpFromPaper get its distinctive look from cartoon-like outlines and bright color accents that make the bag look like it was ripped out of a comic book. I half expect to see cartoon bubble “WOW”‘s popping up as I walk down the street.

Made from polyester, not cardboard, these bags can be wiped clean with a damp cloth which is a good thing since so many of the bags have a liberal amount of white on them. And though they look super skinny, a bottom zipper expands so I can stuff it with all of my things, making it decidedly 3D after I’m through.

Right now, they’re on sale on Fab.com, so grab one quickly if you’d like it for less.

While I doubt this is the bag I’d grab for a meeting with my son’s teacher or to an evening event, it’ll be the first one I take when I’m ready for some fun this spring. Which will hopefully be just about every day. -Christina

You’ll find these awesome handbags on sale on Fab.com just until Saturday so hurry! This link gives you an invitation code if you don’t have one. And, if your favorite style is sold out, you can still grab it at the JumpFromPaper online store.

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