Alice Roche Jewelry
As much as I love chunky rings and big bangles and cuffs, this season I’m finding myself drawn to daintier pieces, like these gorgeous, handcrafted ones at Alice Roche Jewelry.

The triangle water bangles
are light and airy, though still sturdily made from sterling silver,
with the cool shape and ox silver adding the perfect little twist and
uniqueness that I’m personally drawn to. I also love how Alice is
committed to using reclaimed materials as well as those manufactured
here in the United States.

It can offer a nice balance if you’re still into big chunky ring or big chunky necklaces–that way not every accessory on your body is a humongo statement piece.

Take a peek around her site for other options too. The mixed metal river earrings also make my want list, as does almost everything in her shop. Hear that, honey? -Kristen

You can purchase the handmade mixed metal jewelry from Alice’s new spring collection at Alice Roche Jewelry.

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