Latino culture inspired kids' tees: Lucha Libros shirt
As a Hispanic mother, I know first-hand how difficult it is to find children’s products that celebrate our culture without being cheesy. Sure, it’s easy enough to find products for Spanish learners in the US, but there’s more to growing up Hispanic than the ability to roll your Rs and I want my children to appreciate that as early as possible. 

I love the t-shirts at Dos Borreguitas
because they strike the perfect balance between all-American hipness
and Latin tradition. The designs take advantage of the playfulness of
the Spanish language and twist traditional sayings into clever designs.

My favorite one is the “B de Burro, V de Vaca
tee because it plays on a fun mnemonic device used by spanish-speaking school children to remember whether to use a “b” or a “v” in a proper
name — imagining a person as either a donkey or a cow is hilarious
whether you speak Spanish or not. 

Dos Borreguitas B de Burro tee
Dos Borreguitas tee
But the
beauty of the onesies and t-shirts at Dos Borreguitas is that they’re so
cute and clever that you don’t have to be Hispanic to appreciate them;
after all, who doesn’t fall in love at the sight of two books fighting
it out on a Lucha Libros onesie? It’s proof that nerdiness and good design transcend all cultures. ¡Wepa! — Roxanna

Check out Dos Borreguitas for more whimsical bilingual tees and tons of cool products like Day of the Dead place mats and Dolores del Rio paper dolls

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