MEANING jewelry
At the International Gift Show this year, I was so happy to come across the very cool jewelry from MEANING, a design collective that creates art, jewelry and other objects all based on typography. And that doesn’t mean they stamp a scripty letter B on a charm and call it a day.

At the MEANING store,
you’ll find rings that at first just seem like really cool, graphic,
geometric shapes. But upon closer look, they’re all dingbats–those
little swirls and symbols which, in 3-D make absolutely cool baubles.

The polymide rings are all laser cut and hand dyed like this bold sun ring (at top) which comes in n a gorgeous purple and 7 other bold colors.

extremely lightweight and what’s really neat is that they’re
reversible–one side has a slightly larger version of the design than
the other.


I’m glad to see that silver rings
are coming soon, because I think they’d be amazing in metal. There are
also teeny versions of the polymide rings starting at just €16.00.

Yeah, Euros. They ship from Europe. So many pretty things do. –Liz

Find cool typography jewelry, decor and more online at MEANING


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