Anna Bee Jewelry Mini Circles personalized necklace
I’ve already got my eye on a few of the necklaces we’ve featured in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but then I saw this beautiful one from Anna Bee Jewelry and well, let’s just say my husband should have no issues figuring out what to get me this year. 

I love the simplicity of the Mini Circles personalized necklace, which is completely made to order. Whether you want your own initial in gold and your kids’ in silver (pictured), or you want to get more creative and pick the metal tones based on gender, the choice is completely yours. 
Either way, the block lettering and the silver and gold combination make this a cool, modern take on the ubiquitous mom tag necklace at a very decent price for such beautiful craftsmanship. It’s one bit of keepsake jewelry we bet any mom would love. Including me. -Kristen

You can order the Mini Circles personalized necklace at Anna Bee Jewelry and use code “COOLBEE” to get 20% off your order through 4/27

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