Neat-os reusable snack bags
Of all the ways my family has gone a little greener, perhaps the easiest has been ditching plastic bags for reusable bags. And since discovering this new brand, we’re almost completely plastic bag free when it comes to snack time and school lunches.

The Neat-os reusable bags
are some of the coolest I’ve seen, made right here in the USA and
feature a cool clear section so you can actually see what’s in the bags
(smart, right!). Created using food-safe materials that’s free of BPA,
lead, and all the icky “p” words (like pvc and phthalates), these bags
will help you replace a ton of plastic bags, which can reduce waste and
keep money in your pocket.

I’m a huge fan of the zipper, which is unique compared to the quite
popular velcro closure, and I really love that they come in the gallon
size, which I use to store my lettuce and leaf veggies. If you’re
worried that your kids will somehow forget to bring them home or worse,
toss them, you’d be really surprised. My kids can’t remember what they
ate for breakfast but they always know to put the bags back in their
lunchbox. -Kristen

You can purchase the Neat-os reusable snack bags on their website.

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