We love Mother’s Day and we love lockets, and we love handmade, and we love surprises, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. So we are so happy to have found a really beautiful custom Mother’s Day gift that combines so many of so many of our favorite things.

We’re digging on the custom lockets from Stella Saves the Day on Etsy. One half of the locket is a photo that you can insert yourself, while the other is a beautiful bit of monogramming. 

Choose up to three simple letters or a single monogrammed letter and Brooklyn artist Jennifer Shingelo will great something beautiful with silk thread on antiqued linen.

The lockets comes on a hand-antiqued chain, and you can find on that’s heart-shaped as well. I’d imagine nearly any mom would be thrilled to wear one around her neck. The only hitch is that you have to order by Wednesday, May 2 to get it in time for Mother’s Day. So start deciding on those letters! Reminder: MOM upside down is WOW. Just sayin’.~Delilah
Find the custom hand embroidered lockets for Mother’s Day starting at just $58 at Stella Saves the Day on Etsy. Be sure to order by 5/2/12 for Mother’s Day delivery!

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