Handmade onyx drop earrings from Anna Bee Jewelry
As my kids (and I) get older, I’m a little pickier about the jewelry I buy. Not just because there’s less chance of them tearing it off my neck, but also because I’d like to think that everything I wear will eventually be passed down to my three girls. And that’s why I’m in love with the made-to-order earrings from Anna Bee Jewelry. 

I was a fan of the beautiful personalized necklaces from Anna Bee Jewelry and now I’ve got my eye on the Malia earrings (pictured), which feature black onyx beads on vintage frames — sort of a modern take on art deco. I also love her unique take on hoops like the Harper earrings, with the cool angular shape that gives them a unique twist.
Keep in mind that the prices reflect earrings that are hand made just for you–which sounds pretty darn cool when someone asks where you got them. -Kristen

You can purchase a pair of made-to-order earrings at Anna Bee Jewelry. 

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