Abe's Market baby registry
I will never forget that rush of giddy power when they put the baby registry gun in my hands. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no real concept of what I needed; just that I had the power to build my tiny nursery empire.

Then the baby showed up, and I realized that, sadly, most of the things I really wanted could only be found online: the truly natural and organic products, the baby carriers, the wooden toys. 

Now there’s a new kind of baby registry in town that lets you find those very things.

Our pals at Abe’s Market have a new Baby Registry that makes it fantastically easy to fill your home and nursery with carefully chosen and ecologically sound products. Abe’s takes the word “natural” very seriously, and everything for babies and kids is guaranteed free of BPA. You’ll find toys, clothing, bath products, baby carriers, linens–pretty much everything. And that includes some of our very favorite natural products, such as Babo Botanicals and Mayron’s Goods.

It’s free and very easy. And it works for everything in the store, not just the baby and kids products. (Yes, even the Sexual Well-Being products and Jewelry. Don’t ask me how I know.)
Once you’ve built the registry of your dreams, share with friends and family via Facebook or a simple link. And if you’re pregnant for the first time or just hoping to see what’s new, there’s also a new online baby magazine to give you some great ideas. ~Delilah

Make your own Baby Registry for natural products at Abe’s Market.

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