We finally found an adorable hair clip holder that doesn’t have a princess on it. Or a fairy. Or a fairy princess. Now how super is that?

Straight from girls’ hair clip pioneer and longtime CMP favorite, giddy giddy, the handmade Hero Hair Clip and Ponytail Holder is here to save our smallest citizens from evil villains like Dr. Disorganization and the Haphazard Hair Band Hulk. Instead of a grappling canon, it’s equipped with twenty-one inches of ribbon for hair clip clipping and a convenient S-hook for rubber band wrangling. You can even personalize the heroine’s hair color and the letter on her chest, if your Super Ella is into costume design.

What can we say? With great hair comes great responsibility. –Delilah

Find the Hero Hair Clip and Ponytail Holder at giddy giddy

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