Even on Cinco de Mayo, Hot-chili lollipops sound like one of those joke candies I never want anywhere near my mouth, like those worm-in-the-lollipop “treats” sold in every gift store in Texas. But these all-natural, sweet-and-spicy treats from Yummy Earth are no joke.

Yummy Earth’s Organic Hot Chili Pops really surprised me with their delicious and sneakily spicy taste. On first lick, both the Chili Lime Lambada and Chili Mango Mambo flavors taste like sweet, fresh lime or mango. But then…whammo. That chili really packs a punch.

As someone who hasn’t craved a lollipop since I was about ten years old, there is something about this sweet/spicy combo that has me happily finishing the entire pop. One word of caution: This is not the kind of treat you leave out for your toddler to find or hand to someone for a laugh. My eleven year old loves them, but she knew what she was getting when she unwrapped the first one.

For you adventurous cooks, you can even heat one up with some hot water for a chicken or fish marinade with a kick. Or for us grownups, I love Yummy Earth’s suggestion that we prop a pop into our Cinco de Mayo margarita. Who said lollipops are only for kids?

Yummy Earth’s Organic Hot Chili Pops are available at the Yummy Earth website.