Last minute Mothers Day gifts don’t have to be an afterthought. You’re just…busy. We get it. So don’t panic; 48 hours is plenty of time to wow Mom with one of these last-minute-but-she’ll-never-know-it presents. And, hey. Maybe you should accidentally-on-purpose leave this page open on your computer, just in case someone in your house is starting to panic.

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While I’m kind of hoping to receive this customized wine tag (and my favorite vintage to go with it, of course), we have a whole bunch of adorable Mother’s Day printables that make your gifts more special.

Last minute Mother's Day gifts: Animoto video slideshow


Animoto video cards (above) let you showcase your family photos or videos, send a sweet message, and unleash your inner cinematographer. The video slideshows are easy to make, super-high quality, and guaranteed to make Mom smile (and possibly weep!)–and they’re free up to 30 seconds long. Or if you don’t have a present yet, consider using a video as a way to announce something great to come. Kind of like an IOU, only better.


Books for Mother's Day: Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake


Can you ever beat a book that strikes just the right chord as a wonderful gift? Use your Amazon Prime membership for overnight shipping, or simply hit a local bookshop to find the perfect title. Check our list of Mother’s Day book recommendations for some starters. Bonus present idea: give Mom some time to actually read it.


Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: jewelry


We’re diehard fans of small businesses, so naturally we’re 100% behind hitting up local shops–it’s a great way to support small business owners and eliminate shipping times. Fancy that! One idea: track one of these gorgeous Zulugrass necklaces from The Leakey Collection–they’re created with natural materials from a company dedicated to providing economic opportunity for the Maasai in Africa. And the jewelry is likely to be sold in a store near you.


Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: DIY upcycled vase


If you want to try your hand at DIY for a unique–not too mention inexpensive–gift, check out the tutorial for repainting a recycled vase, and fill it with mom’s favorite blooms. So pretty and easy. No wonder it’s one of Jessica Alba’s eco picks on our own Mother’s Day Gift Guide.




Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: NOOK ereader with glowlight


Never underestimate how awesome it is to give the gift of tech. Hit your local Barnes + Noble, Target, or Office Depot to find the hot new NOOK SimpleTouch with GlowLight. Great for a little reading when it’s (finally) time for lights-out.

Food gifts for Mother's Day: cherry oat scone mix


We love this recent post on six easy food gifts for Mother’s Day that you can make without much effort. Some don’t even require cooking at all, like these easy scone mixes made pretty with printables. Or check our archives for tons of Mother’s Day food ideas or our complete recipes archives.


Last-minute Mother's Day gifts: Kiva gift card


A donation to your mom’s favorite charity is always a meaningful gift, especially for those of us who feel like we’ve already got it all in so many ways. Kiva gift cards are a terrific gift, last minute or not, letting the recipient decide just which deserving borrower around the world she’d like to loan the money to. And they start at just $25. Print it yourself to present in person, or if she’s’s far away, email it or post it to her Facebook wall. (Moms do have those too, you know.)

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