I am a “winter,” which some of you might remember from those days we classified our skin tones by season and were told never ever to wear whatever was probably our favorite color at the time. But to this date, I know that I just don’t look good in yellow, which is popping up everywhere this season. So if there’s any way for me to wear it, it’s going to be a slim patent belt, maybe a pair of shoes, and most definitely an unapologetically bright handbag.

Here are some of the yellow handbags I think would look great on anyone this year.

An Orla Kiely bag (above) will always steal my heart, especially in this gorgeous Italian patent
leather. I presume were I to see it in person that my drool would easily
wipe clean from the exterior. I love the scallop detailing at the top,
and even the lining is pretty. ($460 at Roztayger)

I fell in love with the affordable cotton nautical stripe bags from Bayan Hippo ever since I bought one two years ago. While I still love the black and white, this yellow option is really chic and beach-ready. ($33 from Bayan Hippo)

If you’re on the preppier side, the Dooney and Burke shopper tote
is roomy and practical. There are lots of colors to choose from,
including some cool dual-tone bags, but I think the combo of yellow +
tan leather accents is subtle and classic.Good thing considering you’ll probably be handing it down to your grandkids.

This little yellow Melie Bianco satchel is great for those days you’re not toting around sippy cups and changes of diapers. It can absolutely go from day to night, which I like a lot. ($92 at Nordstrom)

I own this clutch wallet from Hayden-Harnett in black but I’m loving it in a sunny yellow they call “maize.” So don’t search the site for yellow; you won’t find it. It’s really a fabulous, durable wallet, provided you don’t overload it with 600 business cards, or the clasp won’t close. I tried that too. ($128 at Hayden-Harnett – but through 5/29 save 15%- 25% on purchases based on price)

This Christopher Kon bag is super affordable, and reminds me a lot of Longchamps, with the nylon exterior and faux leather accents, only much more affordable. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, but I’d stick with the handles which makes it look a little sleeker.  ($58.95 at Lori’s Shoes)


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