Baby anchor tote from Sea Bags
When shopping for the perfect bag, I always look for something that is unique, pretty and durable. While unique and pretty are important qualities, durability goes a long way with me. As a mom, I don’t have time to shop constantly, so when I make that purchase I want it to last a long time.

Sea Bags
is a home-grown Maine based business that makes bags, totes, baby bags
and now
Metallic sea gull tote from Sea Bags
memory books out of recycled sail-cloth. Their adorable baby
bags are decorated with boats,
stars or anchors. They have six interior pockets and one outside pocket
making them perfect for long summer days when every essential is over your shoulder.

Because they’re made out of recycled sail-cloth, there is nothing that
can destroy them. (Try it, little baby. I dare you.) In fact, because they’re made of used material, they already show signs of the rough seas, which only makes them cooler. It also means choosing the one bag that speaks to you might be a little harder. – Kirsten              
Shop baby bags, beach totes and more made from recycled sail-cloth at Sea Bags.

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