MD Solar Sciences rocks!
This sunblock is so good, so easy, and so waterproof that my kids call it only “the good one.”

Well, not my three-year-old. He calls it “dat good can dat you spray.”

Translation: winning product.

The brand is MD Solar Sciences, which bills itself as a physician-driven skin cancer prevention company– unlike, say, companies that also make SPF 2 body oil and post-sun aloe gel. 

“The good one” refers to two different products that work equally well. The Quick Dry Body Spray is our very favorite, as it sprays cleanly and, believe it or not, clearly. With almost no smell, no white paste, no clogging, and no sunburn, it’s easy enough for anyone to use and lasts all day. Although it’s not the most natural sunblock we’ve covered, it’s still a 3 on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. For me, that’s a reasonable trade considering that it’s by far the most practical sunblock I’ve ever used and offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB coverage with SPF 40.

We also love the Natural Mineral KidCreme SPF 43. You do actually have to touch your kid to apply this one, but it goes on smoothly and without giant swaths of white minerals that remind you of 80s movies. Even on tiny, squirmy, peanut-butter covered toddler faces, it’s easy to apply with no tears. Genius.

This one’s so new that it’s not on EWG yet, but it uses minerals for broad UVA/UVB protection and doesn’t include PABA, parabens, or vitamin A. All that, plus no smell, and no sunburns, thanks to 80 minutes of water-resistance.

The only caveat? They’re pricey. But with skin cancer on both sides of our family, we’re not willing to skimp on quality sun protection. Plus, when my kids actually have a sunblock preference, I know we’re onto something special. We’re all big fans of “the good one.”~Delilah
Find Quick Dry Body Spray and Natural Mineral KidCreme at the MD Solar Sciences site or at our affiliate, Amazon.

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