bicycle handlebar clutch
One day the humidity will pass, right? One day soon? And those days, I imagine a few of us are going to get back on those bikes. When you do, this cool bike accessory might just have to go with you.

I’m not sure if it’s the prettiest ever bicycle handlebar clutch for bikers, or whether it’s the prettiest ever bicycle handlebar clutch that willcreate more bikers, but either way I just think it’s so pretty. (Can you tell?) More practical than a plain old basket, strap it on the handlebars, pop in your small must-haves, and hit the cobblestones. 

It is made of water-resistant canvas. Even so, I might not leave it outside in Seattle for long. –Liz

Find the handmade bicycle handlebar clutch at Mercy + Ruth Handbags on Etsy.
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