After my TODAY show appearance last week, I think the number one question I was asked was” “who made your ring?” (A far better question than, “did you know you had spinach in your teeth the whole time?”)

I was fortunate to find my lavender k2o by Karen Ko POP ring at a very sweet discount earlier this year, and boy do I love it. Should you love it too–enough to pay full price (and I wouldn’t blame you)–you can find them at Modern Mix Shop right now.

The rings are handwoven out of Swarovski crystals and mounted on a double silver band. The summer collection uses clear crystals, but I’m also digging the opaque beads in pieces like this mint k2o POP ring. For holidays however? Keep an eye on the shiny black or the gold Mod Ball Ring from her Glam Collection. Can you tell I want one in every color?

k2o POP ring by Karen Ko
k2o by Karen Ko earrings

k2o by Karen Ko Glam ring

k20 by Karen Ko necklace

The entire effect is light and airy, but striking enough that you can prepare for an “ooh…” or two whenever you wear it. It also comes in necklaces and earrings of various designs. But if you’re like me, there’s a joy in just staring at the pretty thing on your finger all day. –Liz

Find k2o jewelry by Karen Ko in POP, GLAM, or ROCK collections online at Modern Mix Shop

[h/t to leah for making me track down the info]


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