Bobobib bandana bibs
Babies drool. My oldest was so good at it that every outfit was always drenched. If your pint-sized, drooly hipster needs something a bit cooler and less traditional than a regular bib the Bobobib might be your speed.

Bobobib looks like a perfectly tied bandanna, but nifty
velcro does all of the work for you in back. And unlike a bandana, Bobobib is truly absorbent and practical to
boot and all made in the USA. The organic cotton fabric is super soft, and the 20+ patterns are all really funky and fun. I am partial to Her Cruisers, the funky bicycle print that’s as cute as whatever onesie it’s covering and keeping dry, but you sure have a choice.

Bobobib bandana bib
It may seem a little pricey, but everything about this bib makes it a special little baby gift. It even comes attached to what looks like a
piece of cardboard but is really plantable wildflower seeds. So there’s a little gift for the earth too. -Eva

Bobobib bandana-style bibs are available online at

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