This week, at their father’s insistence, we introduced the kids to Lord of the Rings–he wanted to get a head start before The Hobbit finally comes out. Well, my older daughter is now officially obsessed, roleplaying Frodo at every turn. (She didn’t want to be Arwyn, surprisingly. Kind of cool.) If you’ve got a kid who’s smitten with Tolkien, but you’re not ready to fill their room with giant full-color posters of Orcs, this minimalist design option is awesome.

Jamesey Lord of the Rings Minimalist Posters

Designer Jamesy has created this lovely Minimalist Lord of the Rings series of posters.
I think the Fellowship of the Ring might be my favorite, but there’s
something lovely about the Return of the King. The great part is that
8×10 mini posters start at just $15, so you can easily buy the set.

Yes, it’s wildly geeky. And yes, I would rather stare at Aragorn all day.
But given a choice between these and my daughter asking for Justin
Bieber posters, really, I can’t say I’m complaining. –Liz

Find Jamsey’s minimalist Lord of the Rings posters online at Society 6.  And don’t forget: Frodo and Bilbo’s birthdays are coming up next week on 9/22. Don’t ask how I know these things.

[h/t my daughter Thalia who made me look for LOTR posters online]

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