Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

Paris Rainbow Kindergarten

Somewhere over the rainbow (actually Paris) lies a most colorful rainbow kindergarten.

Check out which baby carrier allowed Kristen to get rid of three other baby gear items.

A fabulously different idea for what to do with goodie bag swag your kids bring home. 

Nothing to Fear: A poignant piece by one mama of grown children that will provide comfort to new moms everywhere.

See Jim Henson’s first animated short, Alexander the Grape, from way back in 1965.

Women everywhere are looking forward to Nicholas Kristof’s Half the Sky film, airing next week on PBS.

Why you need to have more than one email address.

What a great use for washi tape: a DIY race track!

We are moved by this video that shares daughters’ stories about their fathers. Submit your own short piece, and you may even win a chance to make a longer version.

Pinterest board of the week: We love the attention to detail on Griottes {heart} Packaging board.

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