Hibiscus canvas tote bag | Canopy Verde
As much as I love canvas tote bags, I’ve yet to find one that’s stylish enough for me to carry as my everyday handbag. 

But now that I’ve discovered these beautiful eco-friendly bags, I’m so smitten, I can’t stop daydreaming about which one I want next. 

No detail is left out with the beautiful Canopy Verde bags from designer and mom of two Linda Wong. Wong applied her background in apparel design (and her cool mama savvy) to creating stylish, sustainable accessories that aren’t only eco-responsible, but accessibly priced.
Hibiscus Tote in organic cotton canvas | Canopy Verde
I’m loving the slim Hibiscus Tote, which fits just about everything I usually need (that includes a MacBook Air). It’s made from beautiful safe-dyed organic cotton, with animal-free “leather” and wood detailing, along with a cool modern embroidery pattern that just so happens to be free of icky chemicals. 
Cassia Weekender organic canvas bag | Canopy Verde
If you need something bigger, the Cassia Weekender bag might be more your size, doubling as a gym or travel bag as well as a fabulous diaper bag for those of you who need lots of room for snacks and sippies too. 
And while these eco-chic bags are definitely priced below a big-name designer handbag, these are still higher than what you might pay for the run-of-the-mill canvas tote. But I’m really hesitant to describe them as such considering the amazing value. The handiwork and thoughtful process that goes into the design and construction of each one will knock you out. When you factor in every detail, these are actually quite a steal. –Kristen
You can purchase a Canopy Verde bag on their website. 

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